An anonymous poem

      PON a Summer's day,
      'Bout middle of the morn,
      I spy'd a Lass that lay
      Stark nak'd as she was born;
      'Twas by a running Pool,
      Within a meadow green,
      And there she lay to cool,
      Not thinking to be seen.
      Then did she by degrees
      Wash every part in rank,
      Her Arms, her breasts, her thighs,
      Her Belly, and her Flank;
      Her legs she opened wide,
      My eyes I let down steal,
      Until that I espied
      Dame nature's privy Seal.
      I stripped me to the skin,
      And boldly stepped unto her,
      Thinking her love to win,
      I thus began to woo her:
      Sweetheart, be not so coy,
      Time's sweet in pleasures spent,
      She frowned, and cried, away.
      Yet smiling, gave consent.
      Then blushing, down she slid,
      Seeming to be amazed,
      But heaving up her head,
      Again she on me gazed;
      I seeing that, lay down,
      And boldly 'gan to kiss,
      And she did smile, and frown,
      And so fell to our bliss.
      Then lay she on the ground
      As though she had been sped,
      As women in a swoon,
      Yield up, and yet not dead:
      So did this lively maid,
      When hot blood fill'd her vain,
      And coming to herself she said,
      I thank you for your pain.

"The Maid a Bathing" is reprinted from Poetica Erotica. Ed. T.R. Smith. New York: Crown Publishers, 1921.




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