by: John Stuart Blackie (1809-1895)

      hough bigots condemn thee,
      My tongue finds no words
      For the graces that gem thee!
      Beaming with sunny light,
      Bountiful ever,
      Streaming with gay delight,
      Full as a river!
      Bright world! brave world!
      Let cavillers blame thee!
      I bless thee, and bend
      To the God who did frame thee!

      Beautiful world!
      Bursting around me,
      Manifold, million-hued
      Wonders confound me!
      From earth, sea, and starry sky,
      Meadow and mountain,
      Eagerly gushes
      Life's magical fountain.
      Bright world! brave world!
      Though witlings may blame thee,
      Wonderful excellence
      Only could frame thee!

      The bird in the greenwood
      His sweet hymn is trolling,
      The fish in blue ocean
      Is spouting and rolling!
      Light things on airy wing
      Wild dances weaving,
      Clods with new life in spring
      Swelling and heaving!
      Thou quick-teeming world,
      Though scoffers may blame thee,
      I wonder, and worship
      The God who could frame thee!

      Beautiful world!
      What poesy measures
      Thy strong-flooding passions,
      Thy light-trooping pleasures?
      Mustering, marshalling,
      Striving and straining,
      Conquering, triumphing,
      Ruling and reigning!
      Thou bright-armied world!
      So strong, who can tame thee?
      Wonderful power of God
      Only could frame thee!

      Beautiful world!
      While godlike I deem thee,
      No cold wit shall move me
      With bile to blaspheme thee!
      I have lived in thy light,
      And, when Fate ends my story,
      May I leave on death's cloud
      The bright trail of life's glory!
      Wondrous old world!
      No ages shall shame thee!
      Ever bright with new light
      From the God who did frame thee!

"Beautiful World" is reprinted from The Selected Poems of John Stuart Blackie. Ed. Archibald Stodart Walker. London: John Macqueen, 1896.




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