by: Robert Hugh Benson (1871-1914)

      aud, O Sion, thy Salvation,
      Laud in songs of exultation
      This thy Shepherd and thy King:
      All thy might in triumph raising
      Praise Him who surpasses praising,
      Far beyond thine honouring.

      Be our theme of high thanksgiving
      Living Bread and source of living
      Set to-day before us here
      Broken at that Supper blessed,
      As by every mouth confessed,
      For the brethren gathered there.

      Laud be lifted, sweet and sounding,
      Ringing from an heart abounding,
      Rising into jubilee
      Laud in duteous celebration
      Of this Table's consecration
      For such high solemnity.

      Lo, the King His Law revises;
      Newer truth from elder rises,
      Newer Law and Paschal rite.
      Ancient truths their room surrender,
      Glows the twilight into splendour,
      Darkness vanishes in light.

      That He wrought at supper lying
      In remembrance of His dying
      Christ hath bid His Church renew;
      We the ordinance obeying,
      Earthly bread and wine displaying,
      Consecrate the Victim due.

      Now the sacred truth receiving
      We, the Bread His Flesh believing
      And the Wine His Blood to be,
      What tho' eye and mind be failing,
      Nature's order countervailing
      Grasp by faith the mystery.

      Under diverse kinds concealed
      While to sense yet unrevealed
      Lies a wonder all-divine
      Flesh and Blood hath each its token
      Yet abides their Christ unbroken
      Hidden under either sign.

      Perfect to the priest who breaks it,
      Perfect in the hand that takes it,
      Christ is undivided there,
      One or thousands may receive Him
      Yet true hearts in truth believe Him
      Unconsumed everywhere.

      Good and bad alike partaking
      Each, by diverse lot, is making
      One to woe and one to weal,
      Each from each is set asunder:
      Mark the word of grace and wonder --
      One to hurt and one to heal.

      Thus the Lord His Presence hiding
      Dwells in many parts abiding, --
      Every soul in Him confiding
      Doubts not that the Whole is there.
      He the One remaineth ever
      Under every part: for never
      Aught can Christ from Christ dissever,
      Still abiding everywhere.

"Lauda Sion Salvatorem" is reprinted from Poems. Robert Hugh Benson. New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1914.




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