by: Lucretia Davidson (1808-1825)

      (Written in her sixteenth year.)
      'm thy guardian angel, sweet maid, and I rest
      In mine own chosen temple, thy innocent breast;
      At midnight I steal from my sacred retreat,
      When the chords of thy heart in soft unison beat.
      When thy bright eye is closed, when thy dark tresses flow
      In beautiful wreaths o'er thy pillow of snow;
      O then I watch o'er thee, all pure as thou art,
      And listen to music which steals from thy heart.
      Thy smile is the sunshine which gladdens my soul,
      My tempest the clouds, which around thee may roll;
      I feast my light form on thy rapture-breathed sighs,
      And drink at the fount of those beautiful eyes.
      The thoughts of thy heart are recorded by me;
      There are some which, half-breathed, half-acknowledged by thee,
      Steal sweetly and silently o'er thy pure breast,
      Just ruffling its calmness, then murm'ring to rest.
      Like a breeze o'er the lake, when it breathlessly lies,
      With its own mimic mountains, and star-spangled skies,
      I stretch my light pinions around thee when sleeping,
      To guard thee from spirits of sorrow and weeping.
      I breathe o'er thy slumbers sweet dreams of delight,
      Till you wake but to sigh for the visions of night;
      Then remember, wherever your pathway may lie,
      Be it clouded with sorrow, or brilliant with joy,
      My spirit shall watch thee, wherever thou art,
      My incense shall rise from the throne of thy heart.
      Farewell! for the shadows of evening are fled,
      And the young rays of morning are wreathed round my head.

"The Guardian Angel" is reprinted from Poetical Remains of the Late Lucretia Maria Davidson, Collected and Arranged by Her Mother. Lucretia Maria Davidson. Philadelphia: Lea and Blanchard, 1841.



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