FIELD, EUGENE. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, September 3, 1850; died in Chicago, Illinois, November 4, 1895. Field received his early education at Amherst and later at Williams and Knox Colleges and the University of Missouri. He started his public life as a journalist, working upon papers in St. Louis, St. Joseph, Kansas City, and Denver until he became associated with the "Chicago Daily News," where he remained until his death. Before going to Chicago he had done chiefly light and humorous work, but after forming a permanent connection with the "Daily News" he turned his attention to poetry and prose of a higher quality. In 1889 he published "A Little Book of Western Verse," which not only established him firmly as a poet, but contained many songs of child life which are among the choicest in English literature. His fame will continue to rest largely upon this book, although it was supplemented by several others almost equally fine.

This biographical note is reprinted from The Little Book of American Poets: 1787-1900. Ed. Jessie B. Rittenhouse. Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1915.



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