translated into English by: Laurence Hope (1865-1904)

      H Amber Eyes, oh Golden Eyes!
      Oh Eyes so softly gay!
      Wherein swift fancies fall and rise,
      Grow dark and fade away.
      Eyes like a little limpid pool
      That holds a sunset sky,
      While on its surface, calm and cool,
      Blue water lilies lie.

      Oh Tender Eyes, oh Wistful Eyes,
      You smiled on me one day,
      And all my life, in glad surprise,
      Leapt up and pleaded "Stay!"
      Alas, oh cruel, starlike eyes,
      So grave and yet so gay,
      You went to lighten other skies,
      Smiled once and passed away.

      Oh, you whom I name "Golden Eyes,"
      Perhaps I used to know
      Your beauty under other skies
      In lives lived long ago.
      Perhaps I rowed with galley slaves,
      Whose labour never ceased,
      To bring across Phoenician waves
      Your treasure from the East.

      Maybe you were an Emperor then
      And I a favourite slave;
      Some youth, whom from the lions' den
      You vainly tried to save!
      Maybe I reigned, a mighty King,
      The early nations knew,
      And you were some slight captive thing,
      Some maiden whom I slew.

      Perhaps, adrift on desert shores
      Beside some shipwrecked prow,
      I gladly gave my life for yours.
      Would I might give it now!
      Or on some sacrificial stone
      Strange Gods were satisfied,
      Perhaps you stooped and left a throne
      To kiss me ere I died.

      Perhaps, still further back than this,
      In times ere men where men,
      You granted me a moment's bliss
      In some dark desert den,
      When, with your amber eyes alight
      With iridescent flame,
      And fierce desire for love's delight,
      Towards my lair you come.

      Ah laughing, ever-brilliant eyes,
      These things men may not know,
      But something in your radiance lies,
      That, centuries ago,
      Lit up my life in one wild blaze
      Of infinite desire
      To revel in your golden rays,
      Or in your light expire.

      If this, oh Strange Ringed Eyes, be true,
      That through all changing lives
      This longing love I have for you
      Eternally survives,
      May I not sometimes dare to dream
      In some far time to be
      Your softly golden eyes may gleam
      Responsively on me?

      Ah gentle, subtly changing eyes,
      You smiled on me one day,
      And all my life in glad surprise
      Leaped up, imploring "Stay!"
      Alas, alas, oh Golden Eyes,
      So cruel and so gay,
      You went to shine in other skies,
      Smiled once and passed away.
"Golden Eyes" is reprinted from India's Love Lyrics. Trans. Laurence Hope. New York: John Lane Co., 1906.




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