by: Joseph Kling

      HAVE placed you
      In the hollow of my hand
      Little toy-woman,
      And I gaze at you disdainfully
      Or throw you lightly aside--
      Of half-shut my eyes,
      And poetize dreamily
      About your dainty beauty--
      Or put my mouth
      Close to yours
      So that I see only
      The rose-red of your cheek
      And feel the soft warmth
      Of your lips--
      Or whisper half-audibly
      Of the passion that makes
      My blood a tide of fire--
      But after all,
      You are in the hollow of my hand,--
      I the master,
      And you the marionette--
      My soul craves
      A nobler happiness
      Than passionate kisses
      And the feel of soft flesh
      In my fingers--
      Love is a lie...
      Any man-animal
      Whose lips
      Are at your throat,
      Whose hands are eager
      For your breasts
      Will drivel with lying tongue
      About endless love----
      Aristocrats or gum-chewers,
      They purr, and smirk, and sing song questioningly,
      Gaze at each other obliquely,
      Body to body pressed----
      It is best to live alone,
      Breathe alone,
      Dream alone,
      Alone with one's sacred self,
      One's reveries,
      And memories,
      And heavenly fantasies----
      Here I sit and think
      The world of women
      Will fret me no more;
      And an hour from now,
      Or to-morrow, it may be,
      I will be talking to another
      Pretty one
      And every nerve in my body
      Will exult as though
      Inebriate with wine----
      Morbleu! What is this
      Insanity of man's flesh!

"Farewell (to D____)" is reprinted from Poetica Erotica. Ed. T.R. Smith. New York: Crown Publishers, 1921.




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